Enjoy the Summer offers you cheerful summery plants that love sunshine, light and water, just like you. The plants will do well inside if it is still a bit chilly outside, or out on your patio or balcony in the summer.

The enchanting fragrance of Nerium will evoke a feeling of Mediterranean life. But the beautifully opening flowers of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, also known as Chinese rose, will also transport you to another world.

Enjoy the summer...

  • Place the oleander in a bright, warm place, such as the conservatory or on the windowsill;
  • From May onwards, place the plant in a sunny and reasonably sheltered spot on the patio or balcony;
  • Keep the root ball moist; ensure good drainage (outside) so that the roots are not always in water;
  • Give the plant some plant food every two weeks;
  • No pruning is needed;
  • If the plant starts to get too big, you can prune the longer branches in February. The plant will then bloom less profusely the following season;
  • During the winter, place the oleander in a cool place (about 5 °C). Give the plant only a little water, without letting the root ball dry out. You will not need to fertilise it again during the winter.

  • Place the hibiscus in a bright spot;
  • Do not move the hibiscus too often;
  • Water the plant regularly; the root ball must not dry out;
  • The potting compost contains fertilisers that are released slowly; fertilising it every two weeks with plant food promotes flowering;
  • In the summer, the hibiscus can also be placed in a sunny and sheltered place on the patio!